Achieve higher efficiency and lower costs in your foundation laying and diaphragm wall construction projects with Jintai's hydraulic cutting and mixing rig. Easy to operate and able to cut the trench while simultaneously mixing and pumping in your concrete slurry with outstanding accuracy, you can complete your project faster while ensuring the utmost quality even in complex stratums. SX series trench cutters are used for the construction of underground diaphragm walls where hydraulic diaphragm grabs cannot work in hard ground conditions. Suitable for diaphragm walls (generally above 50 meters) and construction foundation pit projects, such as super high-rise building pits and urban subway underground stations, that require high verticality and accuracy of underground diaphragm walls.

  • 制度
  • 英制
  • 总体
  • 5-7吨
  • 小型hot88网站
  • 分立式hot88网站
  • 小型装载机
  • 大型hot88网站
  • 大型装载机
  • 4吨以下
  • 机械振动式单钢轮
  • 全液压压路机
  • 静碾三钢轮压路机
  • 轮胎压路机
  • 双钢轮压路机
  • 大型压路机
  • 中型hot88网站
  • 中型装载机
  • 机关式高空作业平台
  • 车载式高空作业平台

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